Commercial Advertising Video Wall Solution

    For advertisers, attracting larger audiences and increasing participation is their forever pursuits. Now your company's message can be prominently displayed with state of the art LED display technology. Large Commercial Advertising Video Wall are the most versatile and ideal video display systems for promoting your advertisement and build your company image. Outdoor led display could show the brilliant and brightest images in full daylight conditions including direct sunlight,and small pixel pitch(3mm,4mm) indoor video wall featured high definition,super brightness,deep contrast and wide viewing angle to guarantee the best picture quality at short viewing distances. 
     QS-TECH LED video wall solutions are all inclusive as a turnkey solution complete with lightweight die-casting aluminum LED panels, 16 bits 280 trillion colors control system, power distributor, equipment racks and cabling. The modular design allows you to create a customized size screen according to your needs.Find your best advertising solution in QS-TECH, where you can identify all kinds of displays and hundreds of references projects.

Artemis Outdoor Advertising Video Wall 20mm (1664*672 pixels)  Xi'an, China

Zues10mm Indoor Large Commercial Advertising Video Wall(576*288 pixels)
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