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Sports (Solutions)
Sports LED Video Wall Solution
QS-TECH sports led video wall solutions offer amazing video quality for match re-play and sponsor's advertsing.Details>>
Perimeter Banner Solution
QS-TECH Ares perimeter led display is specially designed for outdoor football field and indoor arenas.Details>>
Center-hung Cubic LED Display Solution
QS-TECH Standard Center-hung Cubic LED Display Solution is combining extremely vivid image screen, reliable control system, and electrical hoist.Details>>
Sports (References)
  • Puerto Rica, Puerto Rica
  • 25mm(pitch)
  • M
  • Sports
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • 12mm(pitch)
  • M
  • Sports
  • Fujian, China
  • 8mm(pitch)
  • M
  • Sports
  • London, UK
  • 10.29mm(pitch)
  • 209.67*0.648M
  • Sports
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