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  • QSTECH Fine Pixel Pitch Commercial Solution Makes Debut in SKP Xi’an
  • 23-06-2018

SKP shopping mall officially opened in Xi’an this June. SKP Beijing, a luxury and fashion department store, rang up over 12.5 billion RMB in 2017 sales and ranked second in the global department store sales only to Harolds department store in London, which has become the most profitable department store in China, and was praised by consumers and media as "a demonstration of China's high-end shopping malls.".

Famous brand always goes for QSTECH, and our fine pixel pitch commercial solution now has made an entrance in SKP Xi’an.

SKP Xi’an Shopping Mall

SKP Xi’an is located in thriving high-end shopping CBD outside the South Gate of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, neighboring Wangfujing Xi’an, local high-end retail project Zhongda International and Century Jinwa Time Plaza. As the LED display supplier for shopping malls of Zhongda International and Century Jinwa, QSTECH is again favored by SKP Xi’an and provided 4 LED display system packages in three PRADA stores and one Miu Miu store.

QSTECH Display System in Miu Miu Store

Built-in installation perfectly combines technology and fashion, and accurately delivers concepts and values of two international fashion brands by displaying eye-catching adverting.

QSTECH Display System in PRADA Brand Store

SKP Xi’an high-end shopping mall LED display solution applies QSTECH HERA series 3mm fine pixel pitch products, which have achieved renown for prefect visual effect, larger viewing angle, lifelike color and clean image. Besides shopping mall, the series can also used in HD display fields including broadcasting, control room, conference center, smart transportation system, electricity sector, public services and etc.

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