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  • QSTECH Intelligent LED Display Makes Smart City Come True
  • 04-05-2018

In January 2018, a whole package of LED display system provided by QSTECH formally went into service at Xi’an Software New Town, which is an important project for QSTECH to support the provincial key projects construction and will make a great contribution to Xi’an Smart City Display System.


Xi’an Software New Town Intelligent LED Display System


Xi’an Software New Town is a key construction project of the twelfth five-year plan worked out by Shaanxi province and Xi’an, and also considered as an essential step for Xi’an high-tech zone to achieve the goal of Chinese Technology and Innovation Center, as well as the World Leading Zone. The Software New Town now has become a world-class software R&D base with 31 world top 500 enterprises, 38 China software top 100 enterprises, 8 China top 10 service outsourcing leading enterprises, 14 national Torch Program software industry base backbone enterprises and more than 10 listed software companies.


A Top-class Software New Town needs the top-class display system, and QSTECH finally won the project by its superb product performance and brilliant solution.


Xi’an Software New Town Intelligent LED Display System


QSTECH control room LED display system solution contains one HERA-M LED display and independent-developed control system. With a perfect combination of inner arc design and indoor decoration, this LED display fully shows the sense of space and technology, which will render its service to Xi’an Software New Town achievements statistics platform in the future by displaying data integration result based on powerful backstage data.


QSTECH display system will be a good helper for Xi’an Software New Town to integrate with the concept of Smart City, realizing the more efficient city management and service.


QSTECH Intelligent LED Display makes Smart City come true!

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