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  • QSTECH-Tailwind for Faith
  • 28-03-2018

Belief composes an ode to the soul, and technology contributes a fest to eyes. We know the power of belief and thus to respect every religious belief in the world. As for QSTECH, a devout LED practitioner for 26 years, whose holy faith is precise LED solution all the time.

Imam Reza shrine (Muslim church in Iran), the biggest mosque in the world, is known as the sacred site of Shia Muslim. Each day, prayers all around the world come here to fathom their faith and souls out. QSTECH is lucky to witness the divine moment by providing this house of worship with LED video wall solutions, which have brought more than 12 million people top pilgrimage experience.

Though not as the first LED provider for religious application, QSTECH strives to understand customer’s faith by heart. In the Imam Reza shrine project, we considered the solution from every angle of praying environment. Moreover, we dedicated our cutting-edge R&D strength in the aspects of LED brand, white balance calibration, cabinet mounting holes design, cabinet color environmental adaptability, power supply high-low temperature test and power supply de-noise calibration. With 4 different locations and 400 square meters (40,000 sq/ft) indoor and outdoor application, QSTECH has acted as a tailwind for faith and shall never stop making progress in LED industry.

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