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  • The Common Features of Premium LED Display
  • 07-03-2016

Nowadays, LED displays industry is booming with great momentum, and this increasing growth leads to massive production of various kinds of LED displays. Accordingly, the standards of quality LED screens is becoming more and more strict and detailed. QSTECH, a manufacturer of LED displays and display solution supplier, has been in the industry for 24 year. Rich experience about LED display production and installation supports and enable QSTECH to work out the most suitable display solution. Moreover, the LED products of QSTECH defines the quality of LED displays. Now, several methods and parameter are shared on how to choose the right LED displays.

First of all, high resolution makes a good LED display. Resolution makes it possible for LED displays to project ans present smooth and fabulous images.


The second important factor of a good LED displays is high brightness, especially adjustable brightness makes LED screens user-friendly and favorable compared with common LED displays.


The third factor is high gray scale. LED displays with high gray scale present fine and smooth images without any noticeable or obvious different color shades.


High refresh rate is the fourth factor to consider when it comes to how to choose a LED display, especially those which are expected to be able to project images without black lines under cameras or other kind of shooting machines.


High contrast scale ranks the fifth among good features that LED displays should possess.


The Sixth important feature is whit balance. White balance directly poses great impact on LED displays’effect since it play an important role--revitalizing original color.


Uniformity of LED displays panel is essential in the production of LED screens.


Broad viewing angle is required to cover a bigger target audience. Every advertisement businessman wishes his LED screens have a broad viewing angle to catch more eyeballs from every direction.

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