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Location:  Chengdu, China
Applications:  Events
Size:  1.536*2.688 M
This indoor full color LED display for fashion center of Chengdu was successfully installed at Fashion Center of Chengdu.Details>>
Location:  Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Applications:  Events
Size:  3.84*2.88 M
This full color outdoor LED display served for the International Youth Musical Festival, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, bringing a fastantic...Details>>
Location:  England, UK
Applications:  Events
Size:  6.56*1 M
QS-Tech has provided BBC 32 excellent movable outdoor full color LED Display, total  area are 210 square meters for boardcasing 2...Details>>
Location:  Texas, USA
Applications:  Events
Size:  10.24*2.88 M
This indoor full color rental LED display is going out every week together with Brooks & Dunn since 2002 for live concert tour and...Details>>
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