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Four-side Outdoor 20mm Displays light up Hi-tech district culture square in Xi’an, China

Artemis XT
  • Location:  
  • Xi'an, China
  • Application:  
  • Advertising
  • Pitch:  
  • 20mm
  •       Quantity:  
  • 1Piece
  • Tags:  
  • Supermarket|Advertising

QSTECH manufactured and successfully installed four-side LED displays in Hi-tech district culture square in ancient capital - Xi’an, China in April. The outdoor full color display with Nichia LEDs is made by the QSTECH classic and stable product – Artemis XT 20mm that’s developed by QSTECH independently, with advanced manufacturing process, even the display facade is sloped down 30o, the viewing angle is wide enough for people to watch, and the rear-maintenance fixed installation method makes the display is easy to assembly and fix.


The total area of the four-side display is 720sqm, it supports four screens playing the same one image or different image being played on each side, with the QSTECH single pixel calibration technology, the big four-side LED display provides people a smooth and fine viewing experience.


This successful project now attracts more and more eyes, and the QSTECH four-side full color LED display has become a new landmark building in Tangyan Road in Xi’an.

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